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Event Planning Services

EventZone promotes the Roanoke Valley as a location to host events and festivals, and also to assist the events and festivals that are scheduled and held annually.

Collectively, we have over 30 years of event planning experience. We can help you plan every aspect of your event and have knowledge regarding assembly permits and insurance requirements. For more information, contact EventZone via email at ezstaff@eventzone.org or phone at 540-389-1232.

Sponsor an Event

EventZone provides quality entertainment events that give sponsors the opportunity to market their products to a diverse audience. We feel that event marketing is so important to regional businesses because our events attract such a diverse audience. By sponsoring our events, you receive direct contact with potential customers unlike any other form of advertising...far more than simply company branding. And EventZone takes pride in cultivating relationships with sponsors; not just for one year but relationships that are repeated because of mutual success.

Creative partnership with EventZone stimulates and engages the public interest. Thinking "out of the box" often generates exciting and memorable events. Annually sponsored events pull larger and larger crowds who are looking forward to being involved and associated with you!

  • Activated Sponsorship - EventZone directly manages many different types of events and festivals each year, each one appealing to a unique audience with specific demographics. Through a partnership and sponsorship with EventZone, we can collectively create "activated" sponsorships that can effectively brand your company and generate direct response. Event marketing can be one of the most effective means of marketing and promoting your company, and EventZone is experienced in helping to deliver marketing and promotional strategies that get results regardless of your budget!
  • Personal & Interactive Contact - Your partnership with EventZone will allow you to make personal high impact contact with an active and involved segment of the market. 
  • Media Exposure - The value of the media exposure you will garner will equal or exceed your investment. EventZone events are predominately attended by Roanoke Valley residents, but some of our events and festivals draw a larger regional audience. 
  • Support of the Roanoke Valley - Roanoke is the hub for cultural and entertainment activity for the entire Roanoke Valley and Southwest Virginia region. Your partnership will ensure your presence and will be a tangible and high-profile means of displaying your support.
  • Tangible Non-Profit Support - EventZone is a private 501(c)3 non-profit coporation whose purpose is to enhance the cultural, entertainment, and economic vitality of Roanoke Valley through events and other activities. As part of the EventZone mission, each year EventZone provides funding for its youth Scholarship for the Arts program and donates funds to other non-profit organizations that partner with our events. 

For more information on sponsorship opportunities, or just to get together and "brainstorm," please call EventZone at 540-389-1232, or email ezstaff@eventzone.org.

  Contact us! EventZone - PO Box 8276, Roanoke VA, 24014 - 540-389-1232
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