Band History
It all just fell together in 1963 when the group, now called "The Original Tymes," recorded a little piece of magic called So Much In Love that screamed to the top of the Billboard charts in June 1963 to…you guessed it "#1" and remained on the charts for 12 incredible weeks. 

It was the first record to replace the Beatles in the number #1 slot on the British charts.  There are those who say that So Much In Love is the greatest pop ballad of all time and others who consider this song the absolute king of the summer love songs.

So Much In Love is currently #38 on Billboard's all-time records list. Their other top-twenty songs include: Wonderful, Wonderful (#7- Aug.1963);   Somewhere (#19- Dec. 1963) and You Little Trustmaker (#12- Aug. 1974).

For all you shag dancers and beach music fans "The Original Tymes" is the group that wrote and recorded the beach classic Miss Grace.  Miss Grace became a #1 hit song in England in 1976 and has recently been voted the #3 All-Time Top 40 Beach Song!

Today " The Original Tymes" are still going strong. Three of the current five members of "The Original Tymes" are original to the band: Donald Banks, Albert 'Ceasar' Berry and Norman Burnett (over 40 years of experience and friendship together)!  Lafayette Gamble joined "The Original Tymes"over 10 years ago and Jimmy Wells recently joined the group.

Their memorable melodies, close harmonies, classic staging and fluid choreography will bring you the joy that fans throughout the U.S. and Europe have enjoyed in countless concert appearances.

The beauty of their recorded material is only matched by their reputation as one of the most professional and smoothest live acts in the business. There is a reason that their peers refer to them simply as "Silk!"