Band History
To hear it, you might think you just stepped into Motown. To breathe it, you smell a tropical breeze caressing a sandy beach. To feel it, you let the rhythm grasp your body and whirl it into motion. To see it, is like an extravaganza of light and energy. But to experience it, you must say it..."I want the Tams!"

The Tams are one of America"s all time favorite recording acts. World renown for their special blend of music that makes up the Beach Music sound, the Tams entertain crowds around the globe nearly 300 days a year! Probably best known for their 1968 gold hit, "Be Young, Be Foolish, Be Happy", the Tams are celebrating the recent success of their newest single, "Ain"t Nothing Like Shagging", which reached number 8 on the European charts. The Tams are a group that has bridged the generations of music. Their unique sound spans all ages, styles and regions. They are classic with an exhilarating stage show. Lil Redd has been with the Tams for 35 years, since he was six years old.  Reginald Preston, Robert Arnold , Elton Richardson and Rodney Bruce have been a members for over 15 or more years. The Tams are the beach, they are good times and they are simply rock and roll at it"s finest. Little Redd and the Tams backed by the Twenty-four Carrot Gold Band are always a PITP favorite.