Band History
Question: What do you get when you bring together five former members of the music group The Embers? Answer: You get a new beach music group and with familiar faces and a familiar sound that is the beach music version of a Beatles reunion.

Former Embers Gerald Davis, Jackie Gore, Johnny Barker, Jeff Grimes and Mark Black, along with Steve Davis, and newcomers Tony Davis, Rusty Smith and Jason Moore have come together to form their own group, Legends of Beach. Over the years, the musicians left the Embers for various reasons, but they all seemed to have a burning desire to get back together and perform. It just never seemed to be the right time -- until now.

"This is a dream come true," says Tony Davis, "I never thought it would really happen. This feels like it was meant to be." Gerald Davis, got in touch with former band members and friends Gore, Barker, Grimes and Tony Davis an the group almost immediately began working on their music. Gore, the co-founder of the Embers and the vocalist and writer of the hit song "I Love Beach Music," was immediately behind the plan. It's like "Old friends are finally back together doing what we love. This is a group that I feel very confident bragging on each and every member."

Tony Davis said he is performing with the cream of the crop. "Everyone is on the same page musically," he said. "We want to enjoy life and perform together." To round out the vocals, Mark Black and Johnny Barker, both former members of the Embers, have joined the group as well. Barker wrote the classic, "Summertime's Calling Me." Additional musicians are Rusty Smith and Jason Moore, along with Steve Davis, who was the sound technician for the Embers for more than 20 years.

Their first CD, which the Legends have been working on for the past six weeks, will feature 13 songs, most of which are original. Included are "Summertime's Calling Me" and "I Love Beach Music." "Feels Like the Real Thing" is what the group thinks will become their signature song. It lets everyone know how glad the men are to be back together again and what they hope to accomplish. It also is reminiscent of their earlier days and all of the good times they had: "... Do you think we could get it together one more time, Cause when we played our songs together, We all knew it was something special ..." the lyrics read.

"This will be the last group I perform with," Gore said, "and there are no other people I would rather end my career with -- my family," he said. If you love beach music , you don't want to miss this show!